Power-Comm provides the highest level of expertise for a variety of electrical services to our clients by valuing reliability and efficiency.
We offer 24/7 call out services for any emergency electrical issues to ensure minimal power interruption to your property.


Our expert team has experience in providing installations for a variety of electrical components.

We offer services for a range of electrical solutions including:

  • Switchboard installations and upgrades
  • Electrical metering installation and commission
  • Standby generators installation
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) installations
  • Lighting & power installations and upgrades
  • Lighting control systems
  • Emergency and exit lighting system installation and upgrades
  • Energy management systems

Maintenance & Testing

We provide an extensive range of electrical maintenance and testing services to ensure all your electrical equipment is kept to the highest of safety standards.


Thermal Imaging

using a thermal camera, switchboards are scanned and components are photographed to identify any hot spots that can potentially cause significant issues.

Test & Tag

Visual & electrical inspections are performed on different types of common electrical items such as AC adaptors, extension leads & appliances and tagged to confirm safety compliance.

Emergency and Exit Lighting Testing

A 90-minute simulation test is performed to identify any faulty fittings. We offer this testing for both single point and monitored system testing.

RCD Testing

Residual current devices (RCDs) can be either push button or time tested at frequent intervals to confirm safety in the event a live circuit is comprised.

Switchboard and Main Switchboard Maintenance

Involves the inspection, testing & cleaning of electrical components in a switchboard including any protection devices that may be present such as ACBs (air circuit breakers) and MCCBs (moulded case circuit breakers).

Electrical Metering Calibration

To ensure accuracy of the meter’s readings, meters are calibrated at regular intervals.


Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is visually inspected and monitored for activation confirming operation during a power shutdown that is performed during the switchboard’s maintenance.

Surge Diverters

A visual inspection is performed with the component’s cables tightened and cleaned.

Lighting Protection Systems

For attracting and safely transferring lightning strikes to the ground away from all other electrical equipment, a compressive safety inspection of the system is performed to ensure the current condition of the system.

Power Factor Correction

Involves a visual and electrical inspection of the component to ensure there are no signs of deterioration and the kVA are at the correct level.


Can include minor monthly testing and major testing such as annual maintenance, load testing, liquid sample, generator tank testing and gauge calibration to ensure the back-up power is ready when you need it.

Storm Warning Systems

Used in places such as airports, a simulated test is performed to ensure so when these storms do approach data is collected accurately to issue early warnings to the effected areas.

Lux Level Testing

Involving using a meter to measure the amount of light present in an area, this is used to determine if further installations or upgrades are needed to ensure safety and security.

Design & Construct

Here at Power-Comm, we understand the vital role design and construct plays in any commercial project, using our knowledge team, we are able to create electrical plans that are tailored to suit your property’s specific needs.

We can provide services starting from the initial concept to fully engineered documents for projects such as:

  • Maximum demand calculations and cable sizing

  • Lighting and power concept layouts

  • Lighting control system design

  • Light fixture schedules and specifications

  • Coordination with energy providers

To see more of our design types available, please click on the following links


    Data & Communications

    Our 25 years’ experience means we have all the know-how when designing, configuring and installing data networks to deliver the highest stand of data cabling solutions.

    We can provide services for:

    • Cat 5e, cat 6, cat 6a, cat 7 data cabling

    • OMI, OM3 and OSI fibre optic solutions

    • Coaxial cabling installation and termination

    • Phone cabling and points

    • Phone and communication systems

    • Data frames, racks and cabinets

    • Wireless access points (WAP)

    • Infrastructure and network audits